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Design & Digital

Website design, Rebranding, Brand Identity, Photography & Videography, Graphic Design, Visualisation & 3D Work, App Development, Creative Initiatives.

Promotion & Relations

Story Telling, Content Creation, Award writing,  Flyers, Business Cards, Advertising, PR, SEO, PPC,  

Email Marketing,  Community Engagement.  

Event Management

Event Logistics & Organisation, Audience Generation, Fundraising, Corporate entertainment, Ceremony's, Client Engagement, Community Engagement  


Barlotte was founded with the intention of being dedicated to crafting creative strategies that shape and ignite brand acceleration. From concept to execution, Barlotte is here to help you every step of the way.

Whether you want us to work on a consultancy retainer basis or a one-off package deal, we've got something for everyone. However you choose to use our services, rest assured we're always affordable and reliable. 

Prefer a package deal?

We believe in complete transparency and working alongside you to help you achieve greatness. That's exactly why we're straight up with our pricing structure. 

String Bridge



Hosting & Domain (1yr)

Content Creation

3 pages

Contact Form

Training for DIY updates

Organic SEO

Legals (Cookies/Privacy/T&C's)



Logo Design

Website Design

Content creation

3 pages

Website Legals

Website Hosting (1yr)

Domain Name (1yr)

Personalised Mailbox


Organic SEO

x500 Business card



12 posts on linkedin facebook & instagram

Up to 20 on Twitter

Content calender

Creation copy & Graphics

Creation & Management of any social Ads

Monthly Reporting

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